Ms. Dehoff - Mathematics

Welcome to Ms. Dehoff's class. This year I am teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade math. This is my 12th year as a Bearcat and all have been teaching mathematics!

All students are to come to class prepared every day (homework, planner, pencil, IPAD (if issued)). Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. HOMEWORK IS NOT OPTIONAL - homework is the practice of the skill which was learned in class that day. Just like learning to ride a bike, practicing math skills will help your child master the skill. Classroom discipline is enforced daily. Disruption of the classroom learning environment will not be accepted and the student will receive consequences accordingly. If classroom behavior is not followed, a parent conference may be necessary.

My goal is to prepare your child to be successful in math but I cannot do it alone. My door is open to speak with you about your student's progress. You may email me at, call me at 795-2116, send a note in with your student, leave a message in your student's planner, or even come in and take a math class. Communication is the key for a rewarding year.

NOTE: All students MUST have a set of ear buds for use on the computer.